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1. To Immortalize her Excellency, Hajiya Safinatu Buhari
2. To establish specialized and specialist hospital and bring in specialist for free treatment of cancer, hapatits, sppinal cord and mental related sickness.
3. Provide free medical treatment to diabetics patients through free consultancy services at designated center (Teaching & General Hospitals), free drug distribution scheme.
4. Create awareness on modern technique of preventing and managing diabetes.
5. Give scholarship to children whose parents are suffering from diabetes and children whose parent died of diabetes.
6. Bringing the gap between the have and have not in the treatment/management of diabetes.
7. Create awareness on the cause/symptoms of diabetes through lectures, seminars and sensitization.
8. Impact positively on the lives of people living with Diabetes by giving them a deep sense of belonging.

Build Diabetic Center

To build Diabetic centers across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria

Free Treatment

Provide free treatments to Diabetes patients through free consultancy Services

Drug Distribution

Provide free drug distribution scheme for people with diabetes

Scholarship Awards

Award scholarship to children of diabetics victim parents

Create Awareness

Create awareness on drug abuse, family planning

Impact positively to people lives

Award scholarship to children of diabetics victim parents

Partners who support us

Hajiya Safinatu Buhari Foundation is open to healthy partnership. Our major stake holders/partners include people in the Health Sector. This include the Ministry of Health at Federal, State and Local level, The World Health Organization, International diabetes Federation, WANGO, Relevant NGOs, Professionals in the Health Sectors (Doctors, Nurses, Lab Scientist) NAFDAC, University Teaching Hospitals, the Organized Private Sector, Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Institutions, Volunteers etc.

We equally partner with relevant foreign diabetic Foundations/Health Institutions/Corporate Bodies and Donors Agencies across the Globe. Healthy partnership relationships that will help achieve the goals of HBS Foundation.