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Annual Lectures

Our annual lecture in memory of Hajiya Safinatu Buhari comes up every 13th 0f November every year in Kaduna on selected Diabetes topics that centers on treatment and prevention delivered by key professionals from the health sector with lecture material freely given out to participants.

Workout Rally

Our annual Walkout RALLY holds on the 14th of November (World Diabetic Day) every year. Participants, dressed in customized HSBF T-shirts and Face Caps matching along Ahmadu Bello Way Kaduna covering a distance of 3km as part of activities marking HSBF Diabetic Week.

Free Drug Distribution Scheme at HSBF Center
located Nation Wide

Activities marking Hajiya Safinatu Buhari Foundation week also includes Free Drug Distribution Scheme (FDDS). We give Diabetes drugs freely to people suffering from Diabetes who have been certified/diagnosed by our Doctors/Lab Scientist.

While our office serve as centre for Consultancy, Awareness, Free Drugs Distribution Centre for diabetic patients.


Hajiya Safinatu Buhari Foundation for people living with Diabetes serves as centre for Research and Development. This we do through collection and documentation of vital data about people suffering with Diabetes. Such information like Economic Status, Age, Sex, Income Level, Drug Availability, Type(One or Two) etc.


Hajiya Safinatu Buhari Foundation is open to healthy partnership. Our major stake holders/partners include people in the Health Sector. This include the Ministry of Health at Federal, State and Local level, The World Health Organization, International Diabetes Federation, WANGO, Relevant NGOs, Professionals in the Health Sectors (Doctors, Nurses, Lab Scientist) NAFDAC, University Teaching Hospitals, the Organized Private Sector, Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Institutions, Volunteers etc.


HSB Foundation through its partnership with Local and Foreign Agencies is open to Grants/Aids in the form of Cash, Drugs, Equipments, Training, Manpower, Sensitization, Awareness Campaign etc

Scholarship Scheme for Children who's Parent
died of Diabetics

Children whose parent died of Diabetes are entitled to our Free Scholarship Scheme from Primary to Secondary School level. HSB Foundation maintains a good data bank via our partnership with hospitals which helps us ascertain children whose parent died of diabetes and how best to help them.

Quarterly Diabetic Journal

Our Quarterly Diabetes Health Journal comes up at the end of every Quarter in E and Hard copy format. This Free Quarterly Journal is our major tool of creating awareness.


Volunteers who will help us achieve our objectives are welcome through registration with HSB Foundation. Registration for Volunteers is free.

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